Cookies (cookies)│ MANDY

Cookies (cookies)│ MANDY

In order to use the website, you must accept that cookies are used for traffic measurement and optimization of content. uses third-party applications to, among other things, make trading as smooth as possible and optimize the content we want to share with you.

PS: We do not store any card details. At you pay via Vipps, Stripe or Klarna, both recognized payment solutions. The transaction takes place externally. Read the privacy policy of Vipps , Stripe and Klarna.

PS2: uses HTTPS communication, where all content that is sent and received between your browser and is encrypted.

Relevant cookies/third-party applications:

Google: We use cookies from Google (Google Analytics) to, among other things, measure the number of sessions, sales, find the traffic source and optimize our advertisements via Google Ads.

Facebook/Instagram: We have installed a Facebook pixel on which, among other things, enables us to see who visited which pages on . It appears at group level (not individual level) in Facebook's advertising tool. This tool makes it possible to target ads on e.g. Facebook and Instagram to groups that meet certain criteria.

We have also integrated Facebook and Instagram into our product catalogue, so that you can more easily find the products we show you on Facebook and Instagram.

Shopify: uses Shopify as an online store solution. It is through Shopify that we see, among other things, which products you as a customer choose to add to the shopping cart, which products you end up buying or not. When you make a purchase, your name, email, address and your purchases are stored in Shopify.

Snapchat: We use Snapchat's advertising platform to create relevant ads.

ProfraktE2: To offer delivery services, we use the application ProfraktE2 to exchange information about your orders and where you want them delivered.

If you have any questions: Do not hesitate to contact us at

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