Return and refund

§4 Right of withdrawal

You have a full right of cancellation (return and exchange right) within 14 days of receiving the goods and a refund will be made no later than 14 days after the goods have been received by us. When returning goods that have been handled to a greater extent than was necessary to gain knowledge of the goods' properties and function, we may demand that the consumer compensate us for any reduction in value that has occurred on the goods. The extent of the reduction in value is determined by MANDY AS. The right of withdrawal can be used provided that the item is returned together with the labels and original packaging/shoe boxes that came with the item. When returning sunglasses, the case, information leaflet and any papers proving that the product is genuine must accompany the return. You can of course try the item on to see if it suits you. The right of withdrawal does not apply to underwear. A right of withdrawal form is always included in the package from us and you use this form when returning or canceling a purchase.

In the case of an exchange, return shipping is free provided that the attached return shipping label that was included in the package is used. An exchange means that you choose to exchange the purchased item for another, new item. Any excess amount is paid back. If you return a larger number of goods than the ones you exchange, it is not defined as an exchange, but as a return/undone purchase, see information on undone purchase and right of withdrawal above.

If you have regretted your purchase, you can return your goods to MANDY AS within 14 days and get the money refunded within 14 days of receiving the return. The buyer must pay for the shipping of the return himself. Use the right of withdrawal form attached to all shipments from us. In the event of a wrongly sent item, contact our customer advisors so that we can correct the error. You can choose whether you want a new item or the money back in connection with the item being returned to us.

All goods sent back must be well packaged to avoid damage to the goods. You as the customer are responsible for ensuring that the package is packaged to withstand normal transport back to MANDY AS. Always ask for a receipt for the submitted return in order to later be able to track the return in the carrier's system if necessary. MANDY AS, after a return has been handed in and received by the carrier and you have used the prepaid return shipping label, is responsible for the goods and the transport back to MANDY AS.

If you advertise your item due to a damage or fault on the item, we will make a manual assessment and we may also demand to get the garment to us if there is a need for it. The complaint period is normally 2 years, but if the product is considered to last longer under normal use, the complaint period is a maximum of 5 years.

In the case of goods with a guarantee from the supplier (watches etc.), the manufacturer's guarantee applies to the product in question.

Our first obligation in the event of a complaint is to correct the error. If this cannot be done and the complaint is approved, we will replace the damage with a new product. If we are unable to give you the same item as a replacement, you have the right to cancel the purchase and get the money paid back.

Reimbursement normally takes place within 14 working days from the time we have received and approved a complaint. We can only pay back via the same payment method and to the same account that was used when the purchase was made, or alternatively put the amount as a credit on the customer's account with us and the amount can then be used for a later purchase.

Return address for right of withdrawal and complaints (the customer is responsible for transport):

St. Marie street 84

Contact information for right of withdrawal and complaints:
Telephone: 69 16 90 00 (weekdays at: 10-18)
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